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Dehydrated Jackfruit (Raw or Matured) - Buy online jackfruit products

Dehydrated Jackfruit (Raw or Matured) - Buy online jackfruit products

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Dehydrated Jackfruit (Raw or Matured Order online) - Ready to cook ready to eat products buy on line

Dehydrated – Mature Jackfruit (Pacha chakka)– Mature Jackfruit processed (sliced bulb sterilized in 160 degree steam and dehydrated , Vaccume Packed with nitrogen fleshing) 

Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heteropphylla) is the biggest fruit which has a thorny projection on the outside and an intensely sweet and delicious soft flesh inside. They are typically found in South East Asia and has its origin in India.

Jackfruit is abundantly available in Kerala during summer season. In Malayalam jackfruit is known as 'Chakka'. Since jackfruits are not available all round the year, matured jackfruits can be dehydrated and stored for later use. This can also be used for the making Chakka puzhukku, pickles and fried chips. For making Chakka puzhukku, these dehydrated matured jackfruits should be rehydrated in pure water for 2 hours.

The edible flesh of jackfruits are known for their nutritious fiber content. Dehydrated matured jackfruits can be powdered to form jackfruit flour and these can be used for the preparation of upma, puttu, rotty, vadas, cutlets and porridge(kurukku). They can also be used as an ingredient in many of the curries for a thick gravy.

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