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Chilli Powder Mixed  - Kashmiri Chilli And Red Chilli - Homemade Spice Powder - Buy Online

Chilli Powder Mixed - Kashmiri Chilli And Red Chilli - Homemade Spice Powder - Buy Online

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Chilli Powder Mixed - Kashmiri Chilli And Red Chilly - Buy Online മിക്സഡ്  മുളകുപൊടി

NatureLoC's Chilli Powder Mixed is a combination of Kashmiri chilli powder and Red chilli powder in equal proportion. High-quality raw materials are procured from farmers and are carefully washed in fresh water, dried and pounded in making this Mixed Chilly powder.  All of our spice blends are freshly grounded products without any of the artificial preservatives. Try out this 100% genuine Mixed Chilly powder.

So the combination of both the varieties gives out both the spiciness and also its rich colour.

Mixed chilli powder Method of Preparation

  • Top quality Kashmiri Chilli and Red chilli are selected and washed in clean water for 3 times. This process will remove the dust and the dirt particles.
  • Washed and cleaned Kashmiri Chilli and Red chilli are then placed in a machine dryer and dried in a normal temperature to remove the water content.
  • Cleaned and dried chillies are then powdered to get top quality fine mixed chilli powder.

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