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Kajal (Kanmashi) - Homemade Medicinal Kajal - Buy Online

Kajal (Kanmashi) - Homemade Medicinal Kajal - Buy Online

Rs. 145.00

Amruthakala Kajal (Kanmashi) - Medicinal Kajal - Buy Online From NatureLoC

The Homemade Kajal is made from medicinal herbs and is processed in 21 days. It improves eye sight, and also protects the eye from infection, itching etc.

Add more charm to your eyes with this Black Kajal. Easy to apply, and gives you the look you desire. The rich and lustrous black color is the perfect eye make-up that you can sport alone or with some more detailed make up. Rich, black, lustrous color that will last all day long.

A pocket-friendly kajal that is a must-have in every fashionista’s make-up kit. Its size and moisturizing properties makes this the perfect travel kajal for everyday use.

  • This Homemade Kajal is used for soothing, cleansing and protecting the eye against infections as well as the sharp sun glares. It is a tradition to put kajal mark on baby face as drishti.
  • Can help protect your eyes from infections since it is made from natural ingredients only. They can be used for inner eye rims since they are free from any irritant ingredients.
  • Easy to apply because of it has a creamy texture that smoothly glides. Needs very little product to give intensity.
  • Kajal is used by people of all ages and genders as it was believed to protect the eyes from infection and the desert sun as well as moisturizing and protecting the skin around eyes.
  • No chemicals or preservatives added.
  • Safe to use on babies.
  • Brand Name: Amruthakala

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