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Aval, Poha, Avalakki, Flattened rice - Buy Online

Aval, Poha, Avalakki, Flattened rice - Buy Online

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Aval, Poha, Avalakki, Flattened rice 

Aval (അവൽ) or Poha is also popular in different names like Avalakki, beaten rice, flattened rice and compressed rice.Aval (അവൽ) or Poha  Chewdathese bland testing dried grains have a light brown texture and a rigid surface.

Once soaked in water, they become soft and swell up to twice as their size. The lack of cholesterol components, saturated fat and less sodium content makes it one of a strong choice of calorie rich diet.

Health benefits of Aval or Poha

All over India, Aval or Poha is used for the preparation of several breakfast dishes, evening recipes and snacks varieties. The presence of carbohydrates, dietary fibres and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium makes it one of an important food variety for all age groups. Cholesterol and fat-free nature of Avalakki would make it suitable for those who are looking to reduce weight.

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