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Ayamodakam, Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) - Buy Online

Ayamodakam, Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) - Buy Online

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NatureLoC - Ayamodakam, Ajwain Seeds (Carom Seeds) - Buy Online

Carom Seeds / Ayamodakam / Ajwain Bishop’s Weed one of the healthiest Indian Spice. Carom seeds are highly valuable in natural medicine, due to the impressive essential oil they contain, including compounds such as thymol, limonene, pinene, and terpinene.

Carom Seeds have a bitter and pungent taste, with a flavor similar to anise and oregano. 

Ajwain is used in culinary applications across Asia and the Middle East and is often found in international cooking. Carom seeds are extremely potent in terms of taste, and can easily take over a dish. To soften the pungent flavor and smell of these seeds, they are often dry-roasted or fried, or added to sauces to partially mask the flavor.

  • Pure & Natural
  • No additives, no polish
  • Cultivated in India and tasty and good for your health
  • You will feel energetic

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