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Clay Kadai Chenna Chatty, Clay Kadai Pot, Deep Fry Pan - Handmade Earthen Cookware - Buy Online

Clay Kadai Chenna Chatty, Clay Kadai Pot, Deep Fry Pan - Handmade Earthen Cookware - Buy Online

Rs. 610.00

NatureLoC - Clay Kadai Chenna Chatty, Clay Kadai Pot, Deep Fry Pan - Handmade Earthen Cookware - Buy Online

Clay Kadai / Cheena Chatti is good for making stir-fried dishes. Fry up some South Indian recipes and get that perfect stir fry in these kadai's. The presence of handles would make it easy for the users to take it away from the flame.

Clay Curry Pot / Clay Kadai Pot is crafted with perfection and love. This clay pot is as versatile as it gets. Be it a traditional Kerala Meen Curry (fish curry) or authentic dal/sambar or classic French ratatouille. Infuse the goodness of Earth in your food and slow cook your way to health with this unique earthenware.

Clay is naturally inert and non-reactive, Metals on the other hand are highly reactive, they react & leach into your food which is very harmful for your body. Food prepared in clay pot can be cooked without oil due to the natural non-stick property and hence aiding a fat-free meal. Eventually, you will see a drop in your bad cholesterol.

This inert and nutrient rich composition of pure & all natural clay cooks your food without any additives like metal Ions, toxins or glazes. They also have the ability to cook with a gentle & unique form of heat that which does not destroy the nutrients of the food. Therefore you get food that is nutritionally dense & very delicious.

  • 100% Pure & Natural Clay
  • No metals, chemicals, toxins, lead or other contaminants
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • No Mixing of Flavors
  • Strong and Solidly Built to last even with everyday use
  • Microwave Safe, Food Grade, Freezer Safe, Handmade, Eco-friendly
  • Can be used for Cooking on Direct Flame.
  • Neturalizes pH balance and thus reduces acidity.
  • Do not use soap or detergent and metal spoons.
  • Never put it in a dishwasher.


  1. Soak the pot completely in water for atleast 15 mins before use.
  2. Place the claypot in stove and then slowly increase the temperature.

Product Dimensions:

  • Weight: 1.4 Kg - 1.6 Kg
  • Diameter: 25.5 cm (10 inch)
  • Height: 9 cm

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