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Stone Mortar And Pestle (Idikallu) - Stoneware Spice Mixing Grinder (Crusher) - Buy Online

Stone Mortar And Pestle (Idikallu) - Stoneware Spice Mixing Grinder (Crusher) - Buy Online

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NatureLoC - Stoneware Spice Mixing Grinder (Crusher) - Buy Online

Mortar and Pestle is a widely used traditional kitchen device popular across the world since ancient times. This product is made of solid, thick, good quality stone, ideal for crushing and grinding fresh herbs, spices and other ingredients. The substance to be ground is placed in the mortar and ground, crushed or mixed using a pestle. Handy and convenient to use, they also add a touch of dramatic flair to any kitchen décor.

NatureLoC's Stoneware Mortar and Pestle is perfect for grinding and crushing all of your herbs and spices! Adding herbs and spices to your dishes improves taste, and grinding them yourself is the only way to ensure that it's healthy.

Made of stone, this is a beautiful work of art in the kitchen. Due to its heavy duty construction, ideal size and deeply rounded shape, it's very effective at reducing herbs, spices and nuts to powders and pastes. Don't let your dishes fall flat due to herbs and spices brought from the local grocery store, and ensure perfection by grinding your own with this mortar and pestle!

Mortar and Pestle- Product Dimension

  • Mortar And Pestle Total Weight: 3 - 4 kg
  • Mortar Weight: 2 - 3 kg
  • Pestle Weight: 0.5 - 1 kg
  • Mortar Height: 10 - 12 cm
  • Mortar Diameter: 11 - 13 cm
  • Mortar Inner Height: 6 - 7 cm
  • Pestle Height: 15 - 17 cm

NOTE:- Wash stone mortar and pestle with soap water and wait for it to dry. Once it completely dry, apply oil and keep it.

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