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Banana Chips, Nendran Kaya Chips, Kaya varuthathu, Ethakka Upperi, Raw Banana Chips  - Buy online

Banana Chips, Nendran Kaya Chips, Kaya varuthathu, Ethakka Upperi, Raw Banana Chips - Buy online

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Banana Chips, Ethakka Upperi, Kaya Varuthatu, Nendran Kaya Chips, Nendran Banaana Chips – Buy Online

Banana chips (കായ വറുത്തത്) are crispy tea time snacks made of Nendran Kaya or bananas popular across the state of Kerala. Coconut oil is used in frying raw banana slices and the inclusion of salt imparts a unique taste to the dish. Kerala bananas, known as plantain in the US and Europe is considered to be the “King of Bananas”. Of all the types of bananas in Kerala, Nendran kaya is the biggest and lengthiest variety available in these parts of the world. Nendran bananas in its infant stage have green texture and as it matures and ripens, the colour gradually changes to yellow with dark spots in between.  Supreme quality Nendran Bananas are directly collected from farmlands were organic farming techniques are followed.

How to prepare Kerala Banana chips (കായ വറുത്തത്) ethakaya varauthath?

Mature raw bananas are separated from the bunch, peeled off its green skin. Long narrow cylindrical-shaped fleshy part is passed through machines to get uniform sliced round banana pieces. Sliced banana pieces are fried in pure coconut oil, salt water is sprinkled in between for the flavour. The salt combines well with these banana fritters and gives away lips smacking taste. These are the most popular chips variety in Kerala. It can be had at any time of the day and is liked by all ages. Crispy banana chips with a hot steaming cup of tea is undoubtedly the most popular combination.

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