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Bency Rava-Special Upma rava (rawa)
Bency Rava-Special Upma rava (rawa)
Bency Rava-Special Upma rava (rawa)

Buy Bency Rava-Special Upma rava (rawa) Online

Bency Rava-Special Upma rava (rawa)

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    Bency Rava-Special Upma rava bansi wheat Buy Online rawa
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    The brand of happiness - Benci Rava

     Bansi Rava is wealthy in fiber and very healthful. Bansi Rava creates a very healthy and is very strong and good for people who are on diet. Bansi Rava is utilized widely in the kitchen for preparing a amount of dishes. It is very tasty to prepare and enjoy it.

    Bansi rava is made from bansi wheat. Its color is same as wheat color. It is also known as kesari rava or bangalore rava. It has all the nutrients of bansi wheat. Bombay rava is white in color and it has no fiber.

    What is the difference between Bansi Rava and Sooji Rava?

    Bansi Rawa is typically made from a different type of wheat ( typically Indian durum wheat), whereas Suji Rawa is made from normal wheat varieties. Also the process to make Bansi Rawa and Suji Rawa are different - Bansi Rawa is made using a Stone grinding process, where Suji Rawa is extracted through the typical roller milling process.

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