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Our Vision

Always wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle ? Start now…

Don’t wait while life passes you by…

People don’t take life seriously and by the time we realize, would have missed those good life periods. What I have understood from life, it doesn’t need a special dedicated diet structure to equip your body with the right vitamins and health ingredients. All what you want is to have a balanced mix of spices, vegetable, fruits and other ingredients along with your daily favorite food.

I have always cherished the very local food and spices from kerala from my young age and have seen how people miss this when they go and settle in BIG cities for building up their career & life. NatureLoC is an attempt to get the localized spices and food products from every nook & corner of India to the nature-lovers who missed it all these times.

With the e-commerce boom, ordering online, advanced packing solutions, home delivery and reach across India has become a thing of past.

Today what you need is determination for healthy life and its on your way.

When we started NatureLoC ( stands for Locally Nature ), we were more worried about how to keep it natural fresh ?

Cutting down the shelf life of a product and make it reach the customer within 7 days of its packing is our key. We source and produce on a regular basis and make sure we package your product as soon as we receive your order online.  

I have come across many families who used to produce some of these local spices and food produces which was an essential ingredient of our daily food in olden days. Today they have stopped producing these just because they are not able to find the market to sell these. I am happy that I have empowered many of them today and get them the right price for their produce which keeps them motivated to produce more & more every month.

While lot of people struggle & work hard in cities, our villagers put in their best to produce and source the best natural spices and food ingredients for up-keeping their better health. Doesn’t this create a better example of natural life cycle ?