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Shipping/Delivery Policy

The Shipping & Delivery Policy

We want to get things to you as quickly as humanly possible

Our primary shipping service is eCommerce courier partners (FedEx Courier, Ecom Express Courier) and we also use Indian postal service. Here is the list of shipping rates as per the weight.

  • We charge a shipping rate of Rs 65 for all deliveries in the standard shipping section, which is up to 0.3kg.
  • From 0.3kg to 1.9kg the shipping rate will be  Rs 93.
  • For large goods shipping section which ranges from 1.9kg to 2.9kg the shipping rate is Rs 146.
  • In the case of heavy goods shipping which ranges from 2.9kg to 3.9kg the cost of shipping is Rs 195.
  • Large and Heavy goods shipping ranges from 3.9 kg to 4.8 kg, the shipping costs is Rs 248.
  • Very Heavy Goods shipping ranges from 4.8 to 5.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 293.
  • Very Large Goods shipping ranges from 5.8 to 6.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 343.
  • Heavy and Large Goods Shipping ranges from 6.8 to 7.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 391.
  • Very Large Goods shipping ranges from 7.8 to 8.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 440.
  • Very Large Goods shipping ranges from 8.8 to 9.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 489.
  • Very Large Goods shipping ranges from 9.8 to 10.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 538.
  • Very Large Goods shipping ranges from 10.8 to 11.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 587.
  • Very Large Goods shipping ranges from 11.8 to 12.8 kg, the shipping rate is Rs Rs 637.
As of now, we provide the shipping facility for the products ordered with a total weight up to 12.8 kg.

 Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping will be delivered within 5 business days from the order's ship date. Most Standard orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days and in major cities, you can expect the delivery within 3-5 working days.

Delivery Time

Delivery Time is dependent on 2 factors:

"Availability". Every product detail's page will show a value similar to "Usually Ships in 2-3 days". It is also noted in the Shopping Cart and informs you of how quickly an item will be ready to ship out. For example, some items will ship within 24 hours, others in a couple days, while some may take as many as several weeks (especially custom products). The "Availability" value is an estimate. We do our best to ship items out as quickly as possible, so we often get orders out more quickly than is noted by the "Availability" timeframe, but please do not count on that.

Additionally, please note that delivery time is also based on "business" days. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, it's impossible for us to ship an item the same day as all the shippers are closed.

Delivery Policy

We ship & Deliver products in polythene covers, glass bottles and pet bottles. The packages will be properly wrapped in bubble packing and cased in carton boxes.

In case, if the products are found damaged while it reaches your hands, you are free to request for a new order or refund.

International Shipping

The international delivery facility is available through Natureloc and the customers can purchase products of their choice through our website. Once an order is made, the products will be dispatched within a couple of business days via FedEx courier and the package will be delivered to the address provided within 8 to 15 days. The number of days may slightly vary with respect to the delivery pin codes. Once an order is shipped from our side, the dispatch details like the tracking number and the tracking link will be shared via email. 

International shipping rates

  • The overseas rate of Rs 2500 for all deliveries in the standard shipping section, which is up to 0.0kg to 1kg
  • The overseas2 rate of Rs 3500 for all deliveries which weigh from 1kg to 3kg
  • The overseas3 rate of Rs 5500 for all deliveries which weigh from 3kg to 6kg
  • The overseas4 rate of Rs 8000 for all deliveries which weigh from 6kg to 10kg

Note: Please do note that the oil and liquid products will not be shipped internationally at the moment. We are working on it. Will soon update you the details once we launch this service.

In case, if the FedEx courier facility is not available in the delivery area, the products will be shipped as an International speed post parcel via India Post.

For any queries on Shipping & Delivery, feel free to connect with us at,

Mobile : +91 08893422003 or +91 08893222003
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