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Adalodakam - Malabar nut - vasa dried/crushed buy online

Adalodakam - Malabar nut - vasa dried/crushed buy online

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Adalodakam - Malabar nut - vasa dried/crushed buy online from NatureLoC.com (ആടലോടകം)

Adalodakam (ആടലോടകം) - Malabar nut Potential cough reliever, it is also known as adulsa, adhatoda, vasa, or vasak

Ayurveda Products Adalodakam - Malabar nut 

Adalodakam - Malabar nut is a large shrub or small tree grows up to three to four metres in height. The trunk has many, long, opposite, ascending branches, where the bark is yellowish in colour. Flowers are usually white and the inflorescence shows large, dense, axillary spikes. Fruits are pubescent and are with club-shaped capsules.

How to use adalodakam crushed?

Adalodakam leaf extraction is good medicine for asthma and cough. In ayurveda treatment, it is a good ingredient in decoctions for all types of fever. It is an expectorant, antispasmodic and good blood purifier. It speeds up the childbirth.

Adalodakam (ആടലോടകം) - Malabar nut House Medicine

The leaf of Adalodakam is used as a house medicine for Children’s cough & cold problems. The row leaf of the plant half boiled in the steam and take the extract and mix with honey is good medicine for cough and cold, especially for children. All parts of this plant have been successfully used for the treatment of Chest diseases, phthisis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, diarrhoea, dysentery, malaria fever, fresh wounds, rheumatic joints, inflammatory swellings, scabies, neuralgic pains, nose bleeding, diphtheria, gonorrhoea, an antiseptic and anthelmintic. This plant is also a good bio-insect killer to kill bacteria & small insects.

Adalodakam (ആടലോടകം) - Malabar nut  different languages

  • English : Malabar Nut
  • Malayalam : Adalodakam
  • Sanskrit : Vasa
  • Hindi : Adusa 
  • Family : Acanthaceae
  • Genus : Justicia
  • Botanical Name : Adhatoda beddomei Clarke / Adhatoda Vasica Nees

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