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Asafoetida, Kayam or Hing Pieces - Buy Online

Asafoetida, Kayam or Hing Pieces - Buy Online

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Asafoetida, Kayam or Hing Pieces

Asafoetida, Hing or Kayam is the dried latex taken from the tap root of the plants belonging to Ferula species. The resin taken from the roots of these plants solidifies into a pungent spice. As per the name suggests, the spice has a fetid smell and has a bitter flavour. Once added to cooked recipes, it gives away a smooth flavour reminiscent of leeks. It is typically used in Indian cuisine as a flavour enhancer along with turmeric powder, particularly in lentil curries such as dal and other vegetable dishes. It is considered to be good for some of the common ailments like breathing problems including ongoing bronchitis and asthma. It is known by different names like ‘Hing’ in Hindi, ‘Hin’ in Bengali, ‘Ingu’ in Kannada, ‘Inguva’ in Telugu and 'Perumkayam' in Tamil.

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