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Ashoka bark (asoka tholi) Pieces - Buy online

Ashoka bark (asoka tholi) Pieces - Buy online

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Ashoka bark (Asoka tholi) dried crushed buy online from natureloc.com (അശോക ബാർക്)

Ashoka is commonly called Sita Ashok or sorrow-less tree. It is a rain forest tree. It is a handsome, small erect evergreen tree, with deep green leaves growing in dense clusters

Ashoka bark (Asoka tholi) അശോക തൊലി ചതച്ചത്

  • Botanical Name - Saraca Indica
  • Family- Caesalpiniaceae
  • HIndi - Ashok
  • Sanskrit - Ashoka
  • Malayalam - Asoka അശോക
  • Parts Used - Bark, seeds and flowers

Ashoka tree 

The Ashoka tree is considered sacred throughout the Indian subcontinent, especially in India. Each part of the tree is of proven medicinal qualities, values and cures many diseases. Its bark, seeds, flowers of the tree are helpful capsules and tonics to solve various gynaecological problems of women, Powder of Ashok seed cures kidney stones

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