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Ayurvedic Tooth Powder (PalPodi) - Buy Online Dantha Choornam

Ayurvedic Tooth Powder (PalPodi) - Buy Online Dantha Choornam

Rs. 45.00

Buy Online Ayurvedic Tooth Powder (PalPodi) - Dantha Choornam

Danta chornam Ayurvedic Tooth Powder (PalPodi)  contains Cardamom, Pepper, Nut meg,Pippalli,Cinnamon ,Clove, etc.. These special ingredients fight dental diseases, fortify immunity, strengthen gums, add freshness to breath and give that beautiful pearly white luster to teeth.

 Ayurvedic Tooth Powder (PalPodi) Danta chornam Directions for use

Take required quantity of Ayurvedic Tooth Powder on a soft Tooth brush or on index finger and massage gently on the teeth & gums twice daily. Rinse thoroughly with water after the massage/brush. Suitable for all age groups. The unique formulation of Ayurvedic Tooth Powder keeps your teeth firm and shining for years..

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