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Chowari, Sago pearls - Buy Online

Chowari, Sago pearls - Buy Online

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Chowari, Sago pearls

Chowari or Sago is a kind of starch extracted from the central spongy section or pith of various tropical palm stems. These are traditionally cooked and taken in various forms such as rolled balls, mixed with boiling water and made to a paste or as a pancake. Commercially, sago is produced as pearls which can be boiled with water or milk and some sugar for a sweet sago pudding. Sago pearls are similar in appearance to that of tapioca pearls and the two may be used interchangeably in some dishes.  Chowari or Sago is extracted from palms, as the stem is split lengthwise and the pith is removed, crushed and kneaded to release the starch. These are then washed and stained to extract the starch from the fibrous residue. The raw starch suspension in water is then collected in a settling container.

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