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Cucumber Seeds - Velarikka Seeds - Gardening Seeds - Buy Online

Cucumber Seeds - Velarikka Seeds - Gardening Seeds - Buy Online

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Cucumber Seeds - Gardening Seeds - Buy Online


Cucumber Seeds - Gardening Cucumbers - one of the most popular vegetable crops. They are eaten fresh or canned, salted, pickled, used in salads. 95% of cucumbers is water. Cucumbers can successfully cultivated in Terrace Tops, Balcony, Poly Houses or any small gardens by training them up a fence or trellis. Cool, refreshing, and a perfect healthy snack, cucumbers deserve a spot in every garden.

Growing cucumbers is easy if you follow a few basic rules. They will need to be kept consistently moist, and once they start to set fruit, will require even more water. Regular watering and a good layer of organic mulch are essential. Watering should be regular to prevent the soil from drying. Watering of cucumbers is best in the afternoon, when the soil and water are warm.

These Cucumber seeds are high yield and suitable for Indian climatic conditions and largely cultivated in the leading producer states. Keep regular watering to keep the ground moist and not wet. Transplanting should be done together with the existing pot ground, and must be staked immediately. The plants will produce fast with flower buds; when they feel stable and secured. Every seed you give a life - matters

These cucumber seeds are collected from the Vegetable and fruit promotion council of Kerala (VFPCK) - Seed Processing Plant.

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