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Henna powder, Mylanchi podi, Mehndi - Buy Online

Henna powder, Mylanchi podi, Mehndi - Buy Online

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Henna powder, Mylanchi podi, Mehndi - Buy Online

For thousands of years, Henna has been termed as a rich source of therapeutic agents. Many of the modern medicines or drugs have been isolated from natural sources based on the uses of these plants in traditional medicines. Henna falls under this category and are commonly found in Asian countries, Australia and along the Mediterranean coasts of Africa. It is a flowering plant belongs to the species of Lawsonia genus. Henna is mentioned in Bible and is regarded as the oldest documented cosmetic. It provides a soothing and cooling to the skin and has been used to treat heat exhaustion, lice, and fungal infections. It is believed to have mild antiseptic properties and is used as a natural sun block.

The art of Henna (Arabic) or Mehndi (Hindi)

The art form of henna (Arabic) or mehndi (Hindi) varies from region to region. Varying designs have a different meaning for members of each culture, such as good health, fertility, wisdom, protection and spiritual enlightenment. While Arabic henna designs are usually large, floral patterns on the hands and feet, Indian mehndi involves fine, thin lines for lacy, floral and paisley patterns covering entire hands, forearms, feet and shins. Women in India traditionally uses henna on their hands, feet, insides of their arms and up their shins most often for a wedding or other special occasions. 

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