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Jeerakam (Nalla jeerakam) or Cumin Seeds - Buy Online

Jeerakam (Nalla jeerakam) or Cumin Seeds - Buy Online

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NatureLoC Kitchen Treasures  Jeerakam (Nalla jeerakam) or Cumin Seeds - Buy Online

Cumin Seeds Jeerakam (Nalla jeerakam) NatureLoC Kitchen Treasures 

Cumin is the preferred seasoning for many Indian dishes as it enhances their flavour. Cumin is also sprinkled in food to aid digestion and stimulate the appetite.

Cumin seeds or Jeerakam belong to the family of Apiaceous and are extensively used the ingredient in the culinary preparation of the Indian Subcontinent. It is also used as a spice in many of the cuisines like Latin America, Africa and Asian countries. Cumin seeds retain a warm perception on taste buds and impart a distinctive strong flavour. The essential oils present in cumin seeds or jeerakam are responsible for its aromatic flavour and natural medicinal benefits.

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