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Kottamchukkadi Kuzhampu /Thailom - Buy Online

Kottamchukkadi Kuzhampu /Thailom - Buy Online

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Kottamchukkadi Kuzhampu /Thailom - Buy online

Kottamchukkadi Kuzhampu - An effective medicated oil for the treatment of various disorders related to arthritis.  This is an ayurvedic oil which is used in the treatment of neuromuscular pains, Vata disorders, Vata disorders with Kapha imbalance, Supthangatha (Numbness) Sopham (Oedema ) and Muscle cramping.  It helps to relieve inflammation and pain.

How to use Kottamchukkadi Kuzhampu /Thailom?

Warm the oil and apply it over the body and massage for 30 minutes, take a shower after 2 hours. Indications. Vata roga (diseases due to Vata dosha), Amavata (rheumatism), Angastambha (Body stiffness). Kottamchukkathi body oil  effective in acute rheumatic disorder, knee pain, joint pain, spondylitis, sprains and arthritis

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