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Manjistha or Indian Madder- Ayurveda Product- Buy Online

Manjistha or Indian Madder- Ayurveda Product- Buy Online

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Manjistha or Indian Madder- Ayurveda Product for Skin Whitening- Buy Online

Manjistha is a fascinating herb as a skin whitening agent and detoxifying element. It is scientifically called as rubia cordifolia and commonly known as  Indian madder. It is commonly seen in Indian Subcontinent and grows along the Himalayan ranges and the Nilagiri ranges.

Manjistha is excellent for its skin whitening property and detoxification ability.It can be used as a whole that is as manjistha root as well as in powdered form. It also helps in detoxifying the blood and proper functioning of the lymphatic system, which aids the immune system by flushing out toxins from the body.

Manjistha usage

Manjistha Powder For Skin

As we mentioned earlier manjistha powder is good for skin whitening.Applying Manjistha powder with rose water reduces hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and tone the skin.It can also applied by mixing with honey.This helps manage acne and pimples. Repeating this manjistha face mask for 4-5 days in a week for at least 1-2 months give better results.

 This manjistha skin whitening pack is helpful in clearing the wrinkles too. It is good to remove the pregnancy stretch marks as well. 


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