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Munja or Moonja or Kattappa,Kozhichedi (Headache tree) dried crushed buy online

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Buy online dried crushed Munja or Moonja or Kattappa,Kozhichedi (Headache tree)

  • Family: Verbenaceae
  • Botanical name: Premna integrifolia, Premna serratifolia Linn, Clerodendrum multiflorum
  • Sanskrit: Agnimandha, Arani, Ganikarika, Vaijayanta
  • English: Headache tree
  • Hindi: Arani, Ganiyari
  • Malayalam: Munja, Kattappa,Kozhichedi

Munja (Kattappa,Kozhichedi) is an evergreen shrub one to eight m tall. Leaves are long and wide,flowers are pale green and fruit are black .The Root and Leaves of Munja is used to kapha, nervine pain, indigestion and fever

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