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Njavara rice or Navara Rice - Organic - Buy Online

Njavara rice or Navara Rice - Organic - Buy Online

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Njavara or Navara Rice - Organic - Buy Online

Navara is a unique rice variety good for the people from all age groups. Since ancient times, this rice is known to be a natural source of general wellness. Medicinal qualities of this ayurvedic rice is ideal for building immunity against many of the common ailments, especially in the monsoon season (Karkidaka masam). Navara rice has its name mentioned in some of the ancient ayurvedic texts and is extensively used for ayurvedic treatments against skin disorders, certain ulcers, osteoporosis and arthritis. Because of its high stature, this rice is also used in temples as offering to the Gods. 

Utmost care and persistence is followed in every step of the way for developing a unique farming methodology, in purifying the seeds, in practising an organic way of growing, in protecting the crop and preserving for one year. These steps are beings followed, so that when it reaches you, it has the maximum potential in providing complete wellness from its medicinal qualities.

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