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Papaya Powder Spray Dried - Buy Online Pappaya Powder

Papaya Powder Spray Dried - Buy Online Pappaya Powder

Rs. 1,500.00

Buy Online Pappaya Powder Spray Dried Papaya Powder

NatureLoC finest quality Spray Dried Papaya Powder made from 100% natural Papaya Pulp, suitable for instant drink application, health drink application, ice cream, biscuit flavoring application, biscuit cream flavoring application etc and as a replacement for fresh papaya/papaya juice

Raw Material Used : Fresh Papaya Only

Highly cost effective : We use 7-8 kilos of fresh papaya to produce 1 Kg of Spray Dried Papaya Powder hence flavor is highly concentrated only small quantities are required for meeting the desired output.

Usage Fact : Use only 100gms of Spray Dried Papaya Powder in a 1 Liter drink preparation, where as 5Kg of fresh papaya is required in-order to achieve the same results.

We have developed these products to eliminate the issues raised due to the usage of conventional fresh ingredients.

Using Fresh Papaya

Using conventional fresh papaya can involve time consuming procedures, a lot of wastage, seasonal variation of cost & low shelf life.
Food Industries are looking out for new methods of ingredient application while minimizing cost, time & wastage, while maintaining quality & flavor of the ingredients.

Using Spray Dried Papaya Powder

  • Our line of Papaya Powder meet all the guidelines of the food service industry.
  • Eliminates the hazels of using conventional fresh papaya like peeling, cutting, slicing, chopping.
  • Maintaining the quality, increasing the shelf life to upto 1 year
  • Reducing the cost considerably.
  • No wastage at all.

General applications

Commonly used Biscuit Flavoring, Biscuit Cream Flavoring, Bakery & Confectionary, Candy Flavoring, Fruit Sauces, Ice Cream Flavoring, Health Drink Flavoring , Fruit Juice Applications, Health Supplement Flavoring, Food Premixes, Extruded Snacks Food Application and Instant Food Applications.

Once you make the order this product will be shipped after 5-10 days.

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