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Putharichunda, Cheruchunda (Poison berry) Dried - Buy online

Putharichunda, Cheruchunda (Poison berry) Dried - Buy online

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Putharichunda, Cheruchunda (Poison berry) crushed/dried ayurvedic herbs buy online

Putharichunda or Cheruchunda purple fruited creeper,purple coloured flower,dark yellow colour fruits. The seeds are smooth,minutely pitted.The root of the Putharichunda, Cheruchunda (Poison berry) is used in the preparation of medicated ghee and decoction in toxicology.The fruit juice mixed with honey and ghee prepared from cow’s milk effectively curbs vomiting

  • Family: Solanaceae |Botanical name: Solanum anguivi Lam.
  • Sanskrit: Brihati, Simhi, sanhika
  • English: Poison berry
  • Hindi: Banbhanta, Vanabharata, Badikateri, Barhanta
  • Malayalam: Putharichunda, Cheruchunda

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