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Ragi PuttuPodi - Buy Online - Soft and Delicious

Ragi PuttuPodi - Buy Online - Soft and Delicious

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Ragi diet for Diabetes- Cholesterol-High BP -Ragi PuttuPodi - Buy Online 

Ragi PuttuPodi   Soft and Delicious and 100% Natural

Ragi PuttuPodi lets you, have your choice of breakfast. Consumption of Ragi in large amounts helps to decrease triglyceride (An ester derived from glycerol and three fatty acids. Triglycerides are the main constituent of body fat) levels in the body. It thins the blood to prevent blood platelet clumping, thereby reducing the risk of sunstroke and other coronary artery disorders.Niacin in Ragi (a vitamin of the B complex, its deficiency causes pellagra.) prevents cholesterol from getting into the bloodstream and raises high density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood.

Ragi Puttu Preparation Method

Ragi puttupodi with sufficient amount of salt and water. Rub the mix with hand for 5 minutes to obtain desired sandy texture. Keep the mix aside for 10 minutes.

Layer the mold with puttupodi mix and grated coconut.

Place the mold on a pressure cooker/steam vessel and steam it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Ingredients: Ragi Seeds (Finger millet).

Presentation: 500g refill pack – Buy Online from NatureLoC.Com

Nutritional Facts: (Approx:values)/100g

  • Total carbohydrate82.6 g
  • Total Fat1.2 g
  • Cured Fiber1.7 g
  • Protein6.2 g
  • Calcium173 mg
  • Phosphorous70.8 mg
  • Iron3.0 mg
  • Zinc1.0 mg


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