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Ramacham Chappals, Ramacham Sandals, Vetiver sandals - Buy Online Khus Roots Padamrutham

Ramacham Chappals, Ramacham Sandals, Vetiver sandals - Buy Online Khus Roots Padamrutham

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Buy Online Ramacham Chappals - Vetiver sandals Khus Roots Padamrutham (Cheruppu) from NatureLoC.com

Ramacham Chappals 100% natural vetiver (Khus roots)

Ramacham (Vetiver khus roots) Sandals made out of good quality ramacham or vetiver roots believed to impart relief against different forms of ailments and aches, numbness, allergies, burning sensation, pain in the knee and other joints. It helps to absorb the sweat and balances the body temperature resulting in a sense of well being. Carefully handcrafted vetiver sandals have insoles made with a thick layer of ramacham and the base portion with the black coloured rubberised sole. Even though the vetiver roots are rough, it's been perfectly stitched to form a comfortable, flat surface. The sides and the strap is perfectly stitched with soft fabric and this gives comfort. Ramacham or vetiver sandals are available in multiple sizes and designs.

Ramacham or Vetiver chappals or sandals  Healing and relief natural!!- Padamrutham Features

Ramacham Chappals or sandals 100% natural and handmade 

  • Uses Specially selected superior quality vetiver or ramacham for its products
  • Exquisite craftsmanship is our hall mark
  • 100% Genuine items with Quality.
  • 100% Free from any kind of Chemical Treatment.
  • 100% Natural Item
  • Always pampered by Nature

Ramacham sandals Vetiver or Khus root chappals specifications

  • Size-8 and 9
  • Men and Women
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