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Sharpening-Stone-Buy Online

Sharpening-Stone-Buy Online

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Buy Online - Sharpening-Stone

For the clean and sharpest cutting edge.Norton Combination Stone

Examples of items that may be sharpened with a sharpening stone include scissors, scythes, knives, razors and tools such as chisels, hand scrapers and plane blades.  

How to use sharpening stone?  Directions for use

  • To get a clean and sharp cutting edge begin sharpening on the coarser side of the stone and then with the finer side.
  • Hold the knife at a 25 degree angle and move it diagonally across the surface of the stone
  • To get an accurate bevel, hold blades or chisels at 30 degree angle and run it back and forth along the surface of the stone.
  • To get a sharp cutting edge on hoes,clippers,shears,spades and other garden tools,sharpen only the coarser side of the stone

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