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Tamarind, Imli, Valan puli -  Buy Online

Tamarind, Imli, Valan puli - Buy Online

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Tamarind, Imli, Valan puli

Tamarind - a pod-like fruit, used extensively in cuisines around the world. The pod contains a sticky pulp enclosing one to ten shiny black seeds. It is the pulp that is used as a flavouring for its sweet, sour, fruity aroma and taste. It is available as a pressed fibrous slab, or as a jam like bottled concentrate, and some Indian shops carry the dried pods. Usually, it is the juice or paste that is used as a souring agent, particularly in south Indian and Gujarati lentil dishes, curries and chutneys, where its flavour is more authentic than vinegar or lemon juice.

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