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Trowel - Weeding Trowel - Buy Online

Trowel - Weeding Trowel - Buy Online

Rs. 105.00

Trowel - Weeding Trowel - Buy Online

Hand Digging Trow

Weeding Trowel is an essential gardening tool which is used all around the world. This is a well designed, trowel used for digging. Orange coloured handle in rounded design gives you the comfortable experience. These are used for loosening soil, digging small pits, especially for planting and weeding. It is useful for mixing in fertilisers or other additives and also be handy in transferring plants to pots.

Product Details

  • Total Length - 29 cm
  • Weight - 170 gm
  • The width of the metal part - 6 cm
  • Handle Length - 11 cm
  • Handle Diameter - 2 cm

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