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Wooden Spices Gift Box - Ettupattam

Wooden Spices Gift Box - Ettupattam

Rs. 999.00

As we all know, gift plays a unique role in building up the relationship be it personal or official. Giving gifts shows our concern and affection towards the loved ones. Here, we introduce you to a spices gift box made of good quality wood with real art work. It has a polished outer surface with a dark brown colour. The drawings on the outside are of golden colour. Since it has eight edges, it is called by the name 'Ettupattam'. This wooden box will contain 100gm of Black Pepper, 100 gm of Cardamom (Elakka), 50gm of Cinnamon (Karuvapatta), 50gm star anise (Thakkolam) and 50 gm Nutmeg. For each of these gift boxes, we provide hand-picked groups of fresh and blended spices.

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