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Snanachurnam - Kasthuri Snanachoornam Ayurvedic bath powder - Buy Online

Snanachurnam - Kasthuri Snanachoornam Ayurvedic bath powder - Buy Online

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Buy Online Snanachurnam, Kasthuri Snanachoornam  Ayurvedic bath powder (സ്നാനചൂർണം)

kasthuri Snanachurnam - Soap free bathing powder 

Snanachurnam is an Ayurvedic bath powder which can be used as an alternative for bathing soaps and creams.  It is a herbal mixture of Ramacham, Incha, Wild turmeric, Red Sandalwood and Nenmeni. As we know, skin is the largest organ in our body. When we use bath soap, our body will absorb the chemicals through the skin. In the same way, when you use herbal bath powder, the medicinal and healing qualities from the herbs enter into your body. It would heal and nourish your body. 

Kasthuri Snanachoornam Ayurvedic bath powder health benefits

  • Provides a clean complexion
  • Removes pimples & Blackheads
  • Good for all skin types
  • Preservatives & Chemical free
  • Manufacturer :Ayurbliss

Usage സ്നാനചൂർണം: Mix with Warm water and use for body wash.


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