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KK Wheat Puttu Podi

KK Wheat Puttu Podi


Buy Online KK Wheat Puttu Podi Order Online From NatureLoC.comKK Wheat Puttu Podi  for Puttu Kerala Tradtional Breakfast ItemPacking Type :PacketWeight :500gm,1kgHow to cook puttu with KK steam Puttu Podi?Add half cup of water with a pinch of salt to..

Natureloc Wheat Flour | Whole Wheat Atta

Natureloc Wheat Flour | Whole Wheat Atta


Buy Online NatureLoC Gothumai Mavu / Chakki fresh atta Best quality wheat flourWhole wheat grains are popularly known as ‘Golden Grains’, with thick, short and heavy grains. Wheat is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Whole wheat is favou..

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