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NatureLoc is your one stop place to buy any localised spice and home remedies from nature across India. We deliver you the best organic products sourced from very nook & corner of this country the best way..

With the growing palate preference of the Indian consumers, we are ready to embrace sophisticated and exotic tastes from every state across India. We’re travelling more than ever before, and as we take a bigger place on the world 


Iron-Cast iron Kitchen Kitchen Tools

Cast Iron Tawa|Iron Thava|Dosa Pan|Iron Kadai|Cast Iron Kitchen Utensils|Tawa 10 Inches to 14 Inches|Kadai 8 Inches to 11 Inch|Tadka Pan|Cast Iron Frying Pan|Appam Pan|Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle|Dutch Oven|Grill Pan buy online

How to season new cast iron tawa-Dosa kallu-Iron thava @ home

In this video, we are going to show you How To Season Cast Iron Dosa Tawa (ദോശ തവ). This is just simple and quick procedure which can be easily done at your home. These simple steps will make your work easier and hassle-free.

Order Online  Stoneware Cookwares

Kalchatti - Flat Bowl Shaped, Traditional Stoneware, Stone Cookware Seasoned|Dosa Kallu, Dosa Tawa, Traditional Stone Cookware Seasoned|Ammikallu or Grindstones, NatureLoC Arakallu, Hand Grinder|Mortar and Pestle (Idikallu) - Buy Online|Grinding Stone - Sandalwood Turmeric Vayambu Grinding Stone|Ayurvedic Medicine Crusher, Ceramic Mortar & Pestle|Marble Mortar And Pestle (Crusher) Order Online

Natural Products and Localized Spices Order Online

Dried Tapioca (Kappa)|Jackfruits Dried Jackfruit |Jackfruit Flour|Jackfruit Seed Flour|Dehydrated Jackfruit Seeds|Jackfruit Varatty Buy Online|Banana Chips|Kodampuli|Ccocnut Oil|Lumpsugar Palm|Stingless bee honey|Forest Honey| Then Kada|