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Appam, Idiyappam, Puttu Podi / Powder Combo

Appam, Idiyappam, Puttu Podi / Powder Combo


What is puttu podi made of? चावल का आटा.NatureLoc Rice Puttupodi പുട്ടുപൊടി (चावल का आटा.) is made using  high-quality white rice variants sourced from rice / paddy fields across Kerala.  Both the rice variants are popular in Kerala an..

Jackfruit Flour /Jackfruit powder

Jackfruit Flour /Jackfruit powder


Buy Online NatureLoc Green Jackfruit Flour, (Chakka chola podichathu), Kathal atta  powder from NatureLoC.comNatureloc Green Jackfruit flour is made using green or raw jackfruit pods which are then dried and finely powdered.Does not Contain jackfruit..


Jackfruit Puttu Podi

Jackfruit Puttu Podi

₹94 ₹101

NatureLoC Jackfruit Puttu Podi | ചക്ക പുട്ട് പൊടിPrepare and relish delicious puttu podi with the Natureloc Puttu Podi. This vegetarian puttu podi contains the goodness of jackfruit along with rice flour, all of which are known to be healthy ..


Jackfruit Varatty (Jackfruit Preserve/Jackfruit Jam)

Jackfruit Varatty (Jackfruit Preserve/Jackfruit Jam)

₹199 ₹299

Jackfruit Varatty (Chakka varatty), Jackfruit Halwa, Jackfruit Preserve.Chakka varattiyatu ചക്ക വരട്ടി or Jackfruit halwa ജാക്ക്‌ഫ്രൂട്ട ഹൽവ  is a sweet dish prepared using ripe jackfruits.Jackfruit Varatty/ Chakka Varatty is one of the oldest and mo..

Jaggery - Nadan Sarkara

Jaggery - Nadan Sarkara


NatureLoC Kerala Jaggery Online  Nadan Jaggery (Nadan Sharkara) - Buy Online Jaggery ശർക്കര गुड़ is darker and richer in colour. It can be used as an excellent substitute for white sugar. When compared to sugar, jaggery is an excellent nutritiona..


Marayoor Jaggery -Organic,Chemical-free Sarkara/Sharkara

Marayoor Jaggery -Organic,Chemical-free Sarkara/Sharkara

₹200 ₹250

Marayoor Jaggery | Marayoor Sharkara | Marayoor Sarkara | മറയൂർ ശർക്കരMarayoor Sharkara or Marayoor Jaggery/ Gur/ Bellam/ Vella/ Sakkarai is known to be one of the sweetest jaggeries available in India. Jaggery production is considered to be a c..

Raw rice - Unakkalari

Raw rice - Unakkalari


Buy online Raw rice - Unakkalari (ഉണക്കലരി) Kerala Unakalari raw Rice for Kerala Sweet Dessert Kheer Ari Payasam RiceRaw Rice - Unakkalari is a kind of raw rice without removing the rice bran. This rice variety is normally available in ..

Vayu Gulika - Lokapriya Kasturi Pills

Vayu Gulika - Lokapriya Kasturi Pills


Vayu Gulika - Lokapriya Kasturi/Lokamayahara Kasturi Pills   Vayu Gulika (ലോക പ്രിയ /ലോകമായാഹാര കസ്തുരി )  is an Ayurvedic tablet used in treating digestive issues, cough, cold, fever etc. It is used mainly in  gast..


Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil Mix

Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil Mix

₹105 ₹125

Blend of Herbs - Natural Herbal Hair Oil Mix  For long, thick, and lustrous hairAyurvedic herbal hair oil mix is nothing but a collection of ayurvedic ingredients good for long black hair. Pure coconut oil is poured in this bottle and is kept for 2-3..


Banana Chips (Kerala Raw Plantain Chips)

Banana Chips (Kerala Raw Plantain Chips)

₹159 ₹179

Buy Kerala Banana Chips Online - Kaya Varuthathu | Nendran Chips | Ethakka upperi |Banana crispsBanana chips (കായ വറുത്തത്) are crispy tea time snacks made of Nendran Kaya or bananas popular across the state of Kerala. Pure coconut oil is used in fry..

Dried Tapioca (Unakka Kappa)

Dried Tapioca (Unakka Kappa)


Buy Online Sun Dried Organic Tapioca  (Unakka Kappa or Vaattu Kappa)  From  നാടൻ കപ്പ What is Tapioca? Tapioca is a root extracted from the cassava plant. It is abundantly available in Kerala during the summer s..

Hibiscus Leaves Powder (Thali Podi)

Hibiscus Leaves Powder (Thali Podi)


Thali Hibiscus Leaves Powder Chembarathy Thali Podi-Traditional way of cleansing and nourishing hairThali podi, Hibiscus leaves powder ചെമ്പരത്തി താളി പൊടി is believed to be a natural remedy for hair loss and dandruff. For the hair, hibiscus is a gen..

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