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Ladles - Coconut Shell Spoon

Ladles - Coconut Shell Spoon


Coconut shell ladles thavi (ചിരട്ട കൈൽ,ചിരട്ട തവി) order online from naturelocHandmade coconut shell ladle is one of a popular kitchen utensil from South India. It has a polished coconut shell with a dark brown colour, the wooden handle is of light b..

Coconut Shell Ladle Set (Chiratta Thavi)

Coconut Shell Ladle Set (Chiratta Thavi)


Buy Online Chiratta Thavi, Coconut Shell ladle, Coconut ladle,chiratta kayil order online from NatureLoC.comCoconut shell ladles-Thani nadan homemade chiratta kail Coconut Shell ladle collection contains a set of 3 ladles of small, medium and large s..

Coconut Shell Ladle (kannoppa)

Coconut Shell Ladle (kannoppa)


Coconut Shell Ladle - Long Handle Thavi - Eco-Friendly Coconut Shell Ladle - Kannoppa Buy Online from NatureLoC.comThis coconut shell ladle is made of carefully carved and polished coconut shell with a dark brown colour and the wooden handl..

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Order Online eco friendly coconut shell ladles thavi (chiratta thavi) ചിരട്ട തവി,ചിരട്ട  കൈയിൽ kayil,wooden hand made spoons,kannoppa,long handled ladles.  

Coconut Shell Spoon Medium . Traditionally used ladles in Kerala.Set of 3 pieces  Safe & Hand crafted from selected Pieces of Coconut Shells; ladle's Handle made 

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Buy Online kitchen wares handcrafted coconut shell chiratta kayil wooden spoons and ladles,spatulas,coconut shell 

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