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Ladles - Coconut Shell Spoon

Ladles - Coconut Shell Spoon


Coconut shell ladles thavi (ചിരട്ട കൈൽ,ചിരട്ട തവി) order online from naturelocHandmade coconut shell ladle is one of a popular kitchen utensil from South India. It has a polished coconut shell with a dark brown colour, the wooden handle is of light b..

Coconut Shell Ladle (kannoppa)

Coconut Shell Ladle (kannoppa)


Coconut Shell Ladle - Long Handle Thavi - Eco-Friendly Coconut Shell Ladle - Kannoppa Buy Online from NatureLoC.comThis coconut shell ladle is made of carefully carved and polished coconut shell with a dark brown colour and the wooden handl..

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Order Online eco friendly coconut shell ladles thavi (chiratta thavi) ചിരട്ട തവി,ചിരട്ട  കൈയിൽ kayil,wooden hand made spoons,kannoppa,long handled ladles.  

Coconut Shell Spoon Medium . Traditionally used ladles in Kerala.Set of 3 pieces  Safe & Hand crafted from selected Pieces of Coconut Shells; ladle's Handle made 

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Buy Online kitchen wares handcrafted coconut shell chiratta kayil wooden spoons and ladles,spatulas,coconut shell 

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