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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

₹129 ₹189

Buy Pure Coconut Oil, Nadan Velichenna (നാടൻ വെളിച്ചെണ്ണ), Natural Coconut Cooking OilThe name Kerala means ‘Land of Coconut Trees’. It is the most widely used cooking oil in South India, especially Kerala. Coconuts are cracked open and the flesh is ..

Ghee - Cow Ghee

Ghee - Cow Ghee


Ghee - Traditional Pure Homemade Cow Ghee, Nadan Pashu Neye നെയ്യ് - Buy Online -NatureLocHomemade Ghee  गोघृत, go-ghṛta- How to prepare Cow ghee ( Desi ghee Ney)Genuine quality pure and natural homemade ghee made with 100% organi..

Milma Ghee (Neyyu)

Milma Ghee (Neyyu)


Ghee, Milma Ghee  - Buy OnlineMilma Ghee (മിൽമ നെയ്യ് )Contains 99.7 percent milk fat. Manufactured by melting fresh cream under hygienic conditions. Milma ghee has the ideal golden yellow colour due to presence of natural carotene in cow milk. (In c..

Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil


Buy Online Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil From NatureLoC.comRubco Nutriko Virgin Coconut oil is an excellent cooking oil, which enhances the flavour and taste of many recipes and dishes. It is zero cholesterol oil which is rapidly metabo..

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