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Ramacham Scrubber

Ramacham Scrubber


Ramacham Scrubber , Vetiver, Khus Roots - Ramacham (രാമച്ചം) Herbal bath scrubber buy onlineBuy Online Ramacham Herbal bath scrubber -Vetiver, Khus Roots scrubber.  Bath scrubbers made from the roots of vetiver grass.  Ramacham scrubbe..

Vetiver Roots (Ramacham)

Vetiver Roots (Ramacham)


Buy Online Vetiver Roots (Ramacham) from NatureLoC.comRamacham or vetiver  खस की जड़ falls under the category of perennial grass variety which belongs to the Poaceae family. In western and northern parts of India, it is known by the na..




Incha, Nikunjika (Natural herbal scrubber)Incha or Nikunjika is a natural herbal scrub made from the skin of an armed woody straggling shrub known as Acacia caesia. This medicinal plant variety is widely distributed across the foot hills of Western G..

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Ramacham / Vetiver

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