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Kitchen-Knife-B-Delux (KK20053)-Buy Online

Kitchen-Knife-B-Delux (KK20053)-Buy Online

Rs. 350.00

Buy Online - Kitchen-Knife-B-Delux

Pointed knife with flat edge -Polyguards product

Pointed knife designed for cutting and filleting fish and meat. A flat edge and a sheepsfoot blade that curves in an angle.   It works well slicing, trimming, and if needed can be used for skinning larger animals without the need to have to purchase a separate skinning knife.It can also be used to slice meat, and has a narrow spine for making thin cuts. 

Premium quality knives which are made of high-quality materials which provides an optimum performance and long durability. 

  • To sharpen the blade rub on a marble or on any abrasive stone
  • This knife should not be presented to blacksmith for sharpening
  • Kitchen Knives Code - Product code - KKBDX KK20053
  • Polyguards Product

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