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Muram - Kerala traditional sieve

Muram - Kerala traditional sieve


NatureLoC Muram It is made of 'eeta' a plant like bamboo Muram(മുറം)Kerala's traditional sieve used to separate grain from rice. It is made from Eeta or Kkiatha, a plant like bamboo. Muram is also used to dry vattals pavakka, mulaku sun light,..

Bamboo Basket-Kotta

Bamboo Basket-Kotta


Bamboo Basket, Small sized Basket, Kotta The small sized Bamboo Basket is known for its fine make and is widely used for various purposes. These top quality Bamboo Baskets are used to carry vegetables, pulses, grains, sand etc. These small sized..

Brass Dabara Set

Brass Dabara Set


From ancient times, brass utensils have been an integral part of our day to day daily life. These brass made dabara set can be be used for serving hot steaming tea or coffee. The lightweight and smooth finish would make is easy to use and clean. Sout..

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General kitchenware

Buy Online General kitchenware Items Kerala traditional  kitchenware s cookwares

Order Online NatureLoC  Kerala traditional kitchen items broom,wooden ladles,manual grinders,kitchen presses,cast iron frying pan,finger caps,Coaster Set -Bamboo,bamboo spatula sets,black pepper hand grinder,mortar and pestle.

NatureLoC wide range of general kitchenware items

  • Iron kitchenknives
  • steel kitchen knife set
  • Clay cooking pots
  • Clay curry pots
  • Cast Iron cookware seasoned
  • Cast iron mortar and pestle
  • Wooden oil applier
  • Ammikallu or arakallu
  • Grinding stone

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