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Bamboo Basket-Kotta

Bamboo Basket-Kotta


Bamboo Basket, Small sized Basket, Kotta The small sized Bamboo Basket is known for its fine make and is widely used for various purposes. These top quality Bamboo Baskets are used to carry vegetables, pulses, grains, sand etc. These small sized..

Pen Stand | Holder - Bamboo

Pen Stand | Holder - Bamboo


Bamboo Pen Holder Handmande, Bamboo Pen Stand, Cutlary Stand, Desk Organizer..

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  • Buy Online Cast Iron Cookware Seasoned Black Smooth Dosa Tawa
  • Cast Iron seasoned appam Pan palappa chatti 
  • Cast Iron Seasoned black paniyaram pan unniyappa chatti 7 pits and 14 pits
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  • Cast Iron grill pan seasoned black
  • Cast Iron dutch oven
  • Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle

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Kalchatti seasoned 3 types wide based height type flat bowl shaped seaoned kalchatti for cooking

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