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Ekanayakam, Ponkaranti, Koranti,Saptrangi (Chinese Salacia) - Buy Online

Ekanayakam, Ponkaranti, Koranti,Saptrangi (Chinese Salacia) - Buy Online

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Buy Online Ekanayakam, Ponkaranti, Koranti,Saptrangi (Chinese Salacia) -crushed/dried

Crushed/dried (Chthchathu) 

Ekanayakam is climbing shrub with blackish branches,which grown upto 4 m tall.  This ayurvedic herb holds great promist for for management of weight and blood sugar issues.  Its stems and roots contain potent anti diabetic chemical constituents.

 The roots of (Ekanayakam) was prescribed for people with diabetes mellitus.The roots are credited with anti diabetic properties, A decotion of root is used in amenorrhoea and dys menorhoea venereal diseases

  • Family : Celastraceae
  • Botanical Name : Salacia reticulata
  • English : Salaretin (Wight)
  • Malayalam : Ekanayakam, Ponkaranti, Koranti
  • Kannada : Ekanayakam
  • Tamil : Ponkoranti
  • Telugu : Anukudu Cettu
  • Sanskrit : Vairi , Pitika

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