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Kalchatti - Wide based
Kalchatti - Wide based
Kalchatti - Wide based

Kalchatti - Wide based

Kalchatti - Wide based

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    Seasoned- Traditional Soapstone Cookware
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Kalchatti - Wide Based Stoneware, Traditional Stoneware, Stone Cookware Seasoned

Kalchatti's are cooking vessels carved out of soapstone, a naturally occurring soft stone. Thick walled and heavy, they ensure slow and even cooking. Since they are porous, heat and moisture circulate through the pot while cooking, thereby enhancing the flavours. Traditionally used on wood stoves, these can also be used on the modern gas stove. Kalchattis can be used to prepare gravies, but not for dry preparations or sauteing. The color of Kalchatti may vary from dull grey to dark black since it's already seasoned.

Note:- This product is already seasoned. It's not advisable to use in high flames. Do not keep it empty on the flame. Fill it with contents and then keep it on the flame.
We have followed the given below process for seasoning:
  • Week 1: Fill the vessel with starch water (Water used for washing rice before cooking) every day and set it aside.
  • Week 2: Fill starch water in vessel and slowly heat it up in the stove in low flame. Continue this process once every day.
  • Week 3-4: Start with cooking vegetables in very low flame.
  • Week 5: Regular use in low flame for cooking curries and gravies.

Product Dimentions

Small Size
  • Volume: 1400ml - 1500ml
  • Inner Diameter: 14 cm - 16 cm
  • Outer Diameter 16 cm - 18 cm
  • Inner Height - 9 cm - 10 cm
  • Total Height - 10 cm - 12cm
  • Weight: 2 kg - 2.5 kg

Medium Size

  • Volume: 2000ml to 2500ml
  • Inner Diameter - 18cm -21cm
  • Outer Diameter - 20cm - 23cm
  • Inner Height - 7cm - 10cm
  • Total Height - 9cm - 11cm
  • Weight - 2.5 kg - 3.5 kg

Large Size

  • Volume: 2000ml to 3500ml
  • Inner Diameter - 21cm - 23cm
  • Outer Diamter  - 23cm - 24cm
  • Inner Height - 9cm - 12cm
  • Total Height - 11cm - 14cm
  • Weight - 3 Kg to  3.5 kg

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