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Kerala Soap (Family Pack)
Kerala Soap (Family Pack)
Kerala Soap (Family Pack)

Buy Kerala Soap (Family Pack) Online

Kerala Soap (Family Pack)

  • ₹150

  • Brand:
    Kerala Soaps
  • Product Info:
    3 in 1 Family Pack (Thrill + Kerala Sandal + VEP)
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    Kerala Sandal Soap With Virgin Sandalwood Oil - Buy Online from 

    Dream cream - The fragrance takes out of this world. A genius invention with a blend of virgin sandalwood oil from natural Sandalwood forest. Very enjoyable linger for hours - head to toe.

    A quality product from the Government of Kerala (കേരള സാന്ഡല് സോപ്പ്)

    The feel of Sandal aroma in this dream cream will recall past moments in your personal world. The smell of essence amazingly wakes a memory of comfort.

    Kerala Soaps Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Limited (KSIE) | Kerala 

    Kerala Soaps, is a state-owned soap manufacturing company in the state of Kerala, India producing the erstwhile brands, manufactured by Kerala Soaps & Oils Limited conceiving its legacy. The company was founded in 1914 and reconstituted as a state-owned company in 1963 in the Kozhikode district of Kerala.

    A quality product from the Government of Kerala 

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    Ann Minnu John
    Thanks to Natureloc. Finally I got a place to order natural & fresh baby foods from the comfort of my home. The products delivered are so fresh and homemade so that we can give to kids happily..