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Muram - Made of Bamboo Reed
Muram - Made of Bamboo Reed
Muram - Made of Bamboo Reed

Buy Muram - Made of Bamboo Reed Online

Muram - Made of Bamboo Reed

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    Kerala Tradtional Muram, Square Shaped Tray Made of Bamboo Reed
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    Muram, Muram from Kerala, Kerala Traditional Eeta Muram, Square Shaped Tray Made of Bamboo Reed, Bamboo Reed Tray  - Buy Online

    Muram is a traditional square-shaped tray made of Bamboo reed. Since ancients times, natural or eco-friendly bamboo reed trays were popular across Southern India. Eera, Eetta, Kareetta, Oda, Vei, Vezhal, Vezhampullu are different names for Bamboo reeds. Gifted artisans from Kerala make use of these bamboo plants in making this environmentally friendly product. The strong and durable outer stem of this plant is arranged in a peculiar zigzag manner in making this product. Muram is also used to dry vattals like pavakka (bittergourd), mulaku (chillies) sunlight, dry chillies and coriander for powdering, dry mango and other delicious items. This small eeta muram comes in two different sizes and the dimensional details of these products are as follows,

    Small Muram 

    • Length -  25cm - 30cm
    • Height - 3cm - 5cm

    Medium Size Muram

    • Length - 40cm - 45cm
    • Height - 4cm - 6cm

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