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Raw Turmeric Powder (For Skin Care)

Raw Turmeric Powder (For Skin Care)

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    Pacha Manjal Podi,Pacha Manjal Powder
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    Buy Online Raw Turmeric Powder (For Skin Care) Pacha Manjal (പച്ച മഞ്ഞൾ പൊടി) 

    Pacha Manjal (പച്ച മഞ്ഞൾ പൊടി) is the most special medicinal herb in the world enriched with detox properties. It is known as Haldi in Hindi,Turmeric in English. Traditionally the dried powder of the rhizome of this plant is used as an external bath powder to enhance beauty and shine of the body. Manjal has also been used in India as a method for hair removal and skin treatment. It is usually made into a paste with yogurt or milk, applied to the desired area and allowed to dry. After it dries it is rubbed off taking some hair with it. This process is repeated many times and ultimately prevents future hair from growing in that area.

    Manjal plays an important role in acting against poison. It is used to heal the marks that are formed in the body from the poison of Spiders, and it is also helpful in controlling vomiting caused due to snake bites. Turmeric is also used to reduce the pain from the swelling of poisonous bites.

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