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Scissors - Kitchen Scissors (Black and Red)

Scissors - Kitchen Scissors (Black and Red)

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    Scissors-Kitchen-Scissors-Kitchen-Shears-black handle
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    Poly guards Kitchen Scissors, Fish Cutter Scissors-Black Long Hnadle

    •  Black handle long size scissors - Poly guards product

      Product code- AA 11012

    • Use the scissors to cut off the wing tips of chicken and turkey.
    • Peeling Shrimp
    • Cut raw or cooked poultry into bite-sized pieces.
    • Cut scales or fins off fish when preparing the fish for cooking.
    • Cut rotisserie chicken.
    • Use to cut through the backbone when spatchcocking poultry.
    • Cut bacon pieces into lardons.
    • Use them to cut open crab legs.
    • Trim fat off meat.
    • Cut fresh herbs and spices quickly and safely.
    • Cut the roots off various vegetables before using.
    • Trim filo (phyllo) pastry using kitchen scissors or shears.
    • Cut fresh pasta sheets using scissors of shears
    • Snip pieces of cheese into a dish as it is cooking
    • Cut thin baked goods

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