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Wooden Knife Holder
Wooden Knife Holder
Wooden Knife Holder

Wooden Knife Holder

Wooden Knife Holder

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    Wooden Knife Holder, Wooden Knife Block
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Wooden Knives Holder comes with 11 or 12 slots which can hold different varieties of steak knives, chef knives and bread knives. The upper berth of this wooden kitchen knife holder has 6 slots, each with different sizes and measurements. The wooden knife block is built with quality wood and shows much more durable properties. The smooth and polished surface makes it easy to clean. Fitted with rubber bushes and heaviness of wood diminishes the chance of skidding over the countertop while placing knives. Convenient design and usage in the kitchen make it one of a thoughtful gift for house warming ceremonies.

Dimensional measurements of Wooden Knife Holder, Wooden Knife Block, Knife Keeper, 11 or 12 Slots Wooden Kitchen Knife Holder 

  • Product weight -1 to 2 kg 
  • Height -20 to 22 cm 
  • Width - 12 to 14 cm 
  • 11 or 12 slots. Upper berth with 5 or 6 slots, lower berth with 6 slots.

Tags: Wooden Knife Holder, Wooden Knife Block, Wooden decor

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