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    Dehydrated Jackfruit (Raw or Matured)       | Sliced and dried raw jackfruit, Arinja chakka chola unakkiyatu |Dehydrated Jackfruit Seeds - Chakka kuru | Jack Chapati Mix Jackfruit Seed Flour (Chakka kuru podi) | Jack Wondernut Cake |Jackfruit Flour (Chakka chola podichatu)|Jackfruit Varatty (Chakka varattiyatu) |Jackfruit Pickle - Red | Jackfruit Aravana |       Jackfruit Chutney Powder (Chammanthi podi)

      Jackfruit is abundantly available in Kerala during summer season. Fully ripe jackfruit is sweet and has exotic flavour. Many products could be made from ripe jackfruit like nectar, jam, pickle, chips and canning. Since jackfruits are not available all round the year, matured jackfruits can be dehydrated and stored for later use. Good quality matured jackfruit is be used to make different products like jackfruit flour, jackfruit seed flour, jackfruit chips etc. Have a look at the products made from good quality natural jackfruits(matured as well as ripe).

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