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Jackfruit Seed Flour (Chakka kuru podi)-Buy Online

Jackfruit Seed Flour (Chakka kuru podi)-Buy Online

Rs. 60.00

Jackfruit is the biggest fruit which has a thorny projection on the outside and an intensely sweet and delicious soft flesh inside.

As fresh seeds of jackfruit cannot be kept for a long time, hence it is dried and powdered to form jackfruit seed flours. About 10-15% of the total weight of a jackfruit is considered as its seed weight. Jackfruit seed flour can be added with several recipes to have a unique taste and a distinct aroma. It can also be used as a potential source of proteins and nutrients. Jackfruit seeds flour in small quantity can be used for soup preparation and can be included as a natural tastemaker in many of the meat recipes. 


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